Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why the Hell Buy Windows?

So I downloaded iTunes 7 today and thought I'd play around with the new album artwork browser. But, apparently I need DirectX 9 to do this.

So, I hop on over to Microsoft to download DirectX 9, and realize my copy of Windows has to be validated before I can download it. Ah... okay Microsoft, go ahead, umm (sweat coming from brow) just validate it and gimme the download already. It's legit, I swear.

Obviously I have a pirated version of Windows. I've never paid for Windows, and I don't know anyone who has. So I don't pass the test, and I don't get the download.

But... Microsoft offers me to upgrade my Windows to a genuine version for a small price. Even though I hate the thought of paying for Windows, they've made it so annoying for me (no SP2, no IE7) that I figured I'd at least see how much it was.

It was $199!

Okay Microsoft, I don't understand why you charge so much for Windows. At least it's lower than the $249 (CAD) you're charging at Future Shop. But who honestly buys that? Is it making you any money at all?

First of all, if I really want to buy Windows, I'll go to Chinatown and get a perfectly legal OEM copy for $100.

Third, my computer's pretty old, and I was meaning to build a new one. One of the biggest costs is Windows. But I can buy a pretty decent machine from Tigerdirect for $400, and that includes a 'genuine' Windows pre-installed. Again, why would I pay for Windows when I can get a whole new machine for only twice the cost of a purchased copy of Windows?

I know I can't abandon windows just yet. But everything about it is inching my closer and closer to Linux on my next box. The only thing holding me back is losing iTunes and my iPod.

I want to start a new club. It's called "I WILL NEVER PAY FOR WINDOWS CLUB". If you join, you promise to never pay for Windows. Sure, you're technically paying for Windows when you buy a machine with it pre-installed. But the discount there is so cheap that you might as well not be paying for it if you know what you're doing. So everyone, join the club!

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