Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mozilla Store too Expensive for Canadians

So, partially to bug my fiancée, and partially to look like a big nerd, I decided to order a Firefox tee-shirt. The Mozilla Store is based on the States, and I live in Canada, so I didn't think shipping would be a big problem. I've ordered off of Amazon.com before, as well as through people on eBay, and the shipping costs have never been too bad.

So about three weeks after I made the order, I get an e-mail from Gateway CDI, the company that handles orders from the Mozilla Store, asking me to confirm the shipping charges for the order. They were as follows:

Net Amount of Your Order: $17.00
Shipping Charges: $26.94
Total Amount Due: $43.94

So the shipping charges amounted to about 150% of the original price of the product. And this was all in US dollars.

I have to say, they were really nice about it. I'm really glad they didn't charge my VISA before asking, and they were nice enough to cancel the order for me instead of proceeding with the charges. But it really irritates me. Can it really cost that much to ship a tee-shirt?

Now what do I do to bug my fiancée?

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