Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Logitech Harmony Remote

I got an awesome Christmas present from my wife this year - the Logitech Harmony remote (520). Finally, one remote to control all my devices, even my obscure (but great sounding) Teac AV receiver.

The great thing about the remote is the LCD screen. Unlike a lot of other remotes, which lack the buttons to be able to control every part of your device, the LCD screen on the Harmony creates soft buttons for any buttons not included on the main part of the remote. Finally, I can be sure to control every part of of my device with just one remote - no more fishing out the original remote when I need to change video inputs or menu selections.

Anyway, a few things that are (for now) missing that I'd really like: iPod support (for use with the IR port on the Universal Dock) and macros. It already comes with basic macros, called 'Activities', for "Watch TV" or "Watch DVD" which will turn on all appropriate devices and put them to the right inputs, which is a nice feature. But I'd love to add a macro to erase a show from my PVR (which takes five button presses right now).

Anyway, I created a Google Group for Harmony owners to discuss these issues and share any tips and tricks. If you got one for Christmas, stop on by and geek out with me.