Friday, October 27, 2006

Pop-Ups - Not the Spyware Kind

Okay, there's some Windows XP behavior that's really starting to bother me.
If I open a program, like Firefox or Excel, and my machine is taking its sweet time to open it, I'll switch over to Outlook or something else to do something while it opens (I'm ADD like that.) Then I'll get into another task, and figuring even if that program opens, I'll still finish the task I'm on until it's complete.
So why does Windows interrupt me by switching the new Window into focus right over what I'm doing? Same thing with dialogue boxes. I plug my iPod in, then switch to some data entry, where my fingers are flying fast. In the middle of keying an order, a dialogue comes up just as I'm hitting the space bar, and boom, I've said okay to something. Would it kill it to keep that dialogue box out of focus and alert me that it's there by flashing its tile in the task bar?
Now I'm sitting here with a frozen iTunes not knowing what the hell I've done.

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